Kids & Babies

Baby Giraffe

Goodbye Tummy

Orange Monster

Puppy Paws

Rainbow Sprinkles


Balloons and Rainbow

Cartoon Train

Mermaid with Under the Sea Background

Mermaid with Under the Sea Background

Balloons with Train Tracks


Carriage and Rattle

Baby Elephant and Polka Dots

Baby Llamas

Baby Llamas

Rosettes and Fondant Booties

Frame In Fox

Gender Reveal

With an appropriate notice, blue or pink sprinkles can be baked into your cake.  If you want to reveal the gender of your baby but are not able to give us enough notice, we will tint our cream cheese filling pink or blue.  The rich cream cheese filling is added as a thin layer and may be chosen as the main filling between the two cake layers or as an additional filling in the top layer of cake.

Gender Reveal $5.JPG

Smash Cakes

A complimentary smash cake will be included with your cake order for your baby’s first birthday celebration.  Minimum order of a 6” cake is required.  The smash cake is a single layer of vanilla cake with a light whipped frosting simply decorated in buttercream.


Main cake with complimentary 1st Birthday Smash Cake


Decorated Smash Cakes

Or you may choose from a variety of textured designs for $15 each.

Smash Cake Textures

Smash Cake Character Faces

Smash Cake Character Faces